TAHU's Political Action Committee

TAHU Takes on Federal Health Care’s Exchanges

The Key to Health Care Reform

Any insurance exchange in Texas – one that truly provides greater access to uninsured Texans at a more affordable cost, both to consumers and to the State — deserves great care and balance in its design and implementation.

A common sense approach to the key issues will be required to meet this greatest challenge in decades. Key issues TAHU is advocating for are:

A single, statewide exchange offers the best opportunity for consumer savings because it reflects the greatest pool of people possible, thereby spreading risks and their costs across the greatest number of people.

Rating requirements should be identical for plans sold INside the exchange as plans sold OUTside the exchange. This “level playing field” offers the greatest competitive marketplace and that will result in the best, lowest rate being given to all Texans, regardless of where they buy their health insurance.

Access and Information. Consumers should be guaranteed the highest level of knowledgeable, experienced guidance in selecting the most appropriate coverage, particularly for plans bought from an exchange which could involve tax credits and other federal and state requirements. Only agents and other persons who are properly state-licensed and certified and who maintain the necessary knowledge base according to Texas requirements should be permitted to undertake this critical responsibility.

Agents in Exchanges? Definitely. Again, the consumer benefits. The nature of competition guarantees that plans will be offered at the lowest rates possible by the number of greatest points consumers can have — agents all across Texas.