TAHU's Political Action Committee

TAHUPAC — Keeping Politics Local

“All politics is local,” said former U.S. House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neil during a tough reelection campaign in the 1980s.

Nothing, however, captures the essence of the principle that political success is directly tied to the issues of his constituents. How candidates and officeholders embrace this notion usually determines their success and ultimately the ability of constituents to affect true change in government.

With this in mind, we welcome you to TAHUPAC, the political action committee of the Texas Association of Health Underwriters, which is committed to supporting candidates and office holders in Texas who have common sense business philosophies and support an open, competitive marketplace.

Because great solutions come from people in all walks of life who are of distinctly different political stripes, TAHU holds no particular political ideology but asks everyone to appreciate one fact of life – there is no free lunch.

Getting and keeping good people elected requires financial resources today. The ultimate beneficiary of this process is, of course, the Texas insurance consumer – the person who looks to an insurance agent or broker for expertise in finding the most appropriate health insurance plan that offers the greatest value at the most competitive rate possible.

Texas and the nation have entered a new political and health insurance paradigm. The delivery of health care and how it is paid for remains in everyone’s bulls eye; and the answers are murkier and more difficult to know than ever before. It is no understatement to say that agents are truly the only way consumers can get the critical piece of the puzzle to make everything work — accurate, reliable information and advice.

TAHUPAC asks that you please consider supporting its PAC so Texas agents and brokers can continue to support Texas health insurance consumers.


Ideals of the Texas Association of Health Underwriters


Broker Involvement

Brokers and agents are the best and most efficient distribution, outreach and educational component of health insurance for consumers. Accordingly, they should be fairly compensated and should be included in every health care and health insurance program and distribution channel.

Free Market System

Texans have prospered because of free enterprise, market driven competition, especially compared to government run systems. Therefore, TAHU supports philosophies that further a competitive, market-driven environment.

Protection of Consumers

TAHU supports the protection of consumers through the highest standards of ethical behavior, marketing and business practices which fairly balance consumer and broker interests.


Knowledge and understanding are the foundation for all human progress. Therefore, TAHU supports all efforts to promote education and information for consumers in general sothey may understand the practical application of how insurance works.

Professional Development

To assist members of theinsurance industry in increasingtheir knowledge and ability to keep consumers accurately and timely informed. TAHU supports the requirement of all brokers and agents engaging in continual learning.


Consumers deserve to knowthe true cost of their medical care. TAHU supports legislation that empowers consumers’ ability to learn their cost of care.

Health and Wellness

The value of good health and wellness cannot be overstated. TAHU supports legislation that promotes good health for all Texans

Government social programs

TAHU recognizes some citizens simply do not have the resources for adequate health care. TAHU supports efficient “safety net” programs to assistthese citizens.


TAHU supports thorough review of every mandate, present and prospective, to determine its impact in terms of cost and efficacy.

Keep politics local

State regulation has served the consumer well for decades. TAHU continues to support regulation at the local and state levels.