TAHU's Political Action Committee


TAHUPAC-Color-Logo-2007The Texas Association of Health Underwriters recognized more than a decade ago the need to become more involved in “politics” and formed TAHUPAC to support candidates and members of the Texas Legislature who have philosophies that reflect common sense and an overall understanding of the dynamics of health insurance along with recognizing how TAHU is working to bring more Texans more affordable health insurance plans.

TAHU and its political arm pride themselves in adhering strictly to a legislative program that focuses solely on getting the greatest number of Texans insured with comprehensive health insurance at the lowest possible cost.  Accordingly, TAHU and its political activity unit have maintained a strict policy of non partisanship, understanding that no one political party or person has all the magic answers and that the interest of every citizen of Texas needs to be at the top of the priority list by the Legislature.

TAHUPAC is pleased to support members of the Legislature and candidates who have common sense and an understanding of the many complex, moving parts that exist in the way health care is provided and how it is paid for.